Nov 16, 2020 • 17M

Mind Marginalia: his unfinished

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You can listen to this past Sunday’s letter recording via the player embedded in this letter, or you can open the recording in your preferred podcast app.

This is the second episode of Mind Marginalia, containing the recording of the letter “his unfinished,” and a little bit more from my husband’s striking, heartfelt vows; along with a book recommendation, and an interview I did where I talk about Sharknado.

Thank you so much for supporting my letters and my readings, I am so grateful.

From the post

The conversation that my husband I were constantly participating in was so prevalent between us that my husband wrote of it in his vows, saying:

“Even on the most uneventful and mundane of weekdays, I still come home with excitement and anticipation of where our night chat will take us. . . . It’s a daily ritual [that] becomes sacred. . . . We connect, we debate, we laugh, we cry. But most often, you make me laugh so hard, that I cry. . . . I want to live out the days of my life in conversation with you.”

I am unable to read that final line without the words blurring and falling apart, without pleading into the silence for him to come back, to return, to live out those days, to talk to me, again.

From photographs

Bermuda, November 2019

My husband loved to luxuriate in not needing to get up right away and do things, on holidays, or on the weekends. I love that even though I can’t see it to prove it precisely, I know that beneath that sheet, he is smiling, because he knows he doesn’t have to wake up, that the day is his to do with as he pleases—his favourite kind of day.

From reading…

I recently finished reading and subsequently reviewed one of the most indelible novels I have read in the last few years. You can read my review here but suffice it to say, this book is so worth your time.

From The Internet…

This week I had the pleasure of being interviewed by my friend Dhivya on her beautiful Substack Fossilised Flowers. She asked me about my grief routine, my creation process, visual and written art I have been moved by recently, and the puppy I keep dithering about. You can read the full transcript of my answers here if you like.

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