Nov 9, 2020 • 24M

Mind Marginalia: what happened?

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You can listen to this past Sunday’s letter recording via the player embedded in this letter, or you can open the recording in your preferred podcast app.

Today I am introducing a new aspect of At The Bottom of Everything.

Some readers expressed interest in having the option to listen to a recording of my weekly Sunday letters, and so was born Monday’s Mind Marginalia.

Mind Marginalia will arrive in your inbox the Monday after a Sunday letter is posted, and will contain the recording of Sunday’s letter as well as a little flotsam and jetsam from my mind, which could include, but is not limited to, things such as:

  • tangentially related anecdotes and photographs of my husband that didn’t make the letter but that I want to show you

  • poems I’ve read

  • books I’m reading

  • art I’m savouring

  • more overthinking on whether I should get a puppy or not

Now, this all said, I don’t want to overwhelm your inbox with missives from me, so if Mind Marginalia proves too much for you (I know we all receive a lot of emails) please let me know. I plan to trial Mind Marginalia for about a month, to get a feel for if I like it, and if you like it.

After all, nothing is fixed, and what is done can be undone, and on, which is all a long way of saying, thank you for reading me, for hearing me, for bearing with me, and alongside me.

Your readership is a gift I treasure.

From the letter…

My beloved ran with an unusually bouncy gait, incredibly distinct, and when he collapsed, he was running downhill. I know he would have been talking to himself, coaching himself onward, his hair flopping in his eyes, his shoulder tilting to one side. He always ran harder than he should. He would push past his capacities on every run, until he was white with the effort, and then he would hobble around the house for the week after the run cursing his DOMS and I would massage his legs and he would squeal in pain but grin too and together we would help his body heal.

From photographs…

  • This one of my husband and I was taken sometime at our wedding by Lauren Dixon. We got married in Maui, HI on November 11, 2018, and my husband particularly loved this photo because, as he said, it showed his favourite thing: which was that we were both overwhelming glad to be together.

    My arm is bruised from surfing with my husband and our friends the day before our wedding; he was far better than me but he always waited to ride the baby waves in so that we could ride (or in my case, fall) together

    From poetry…

    I felt the lines of this Ellen Bass poem deep in my body all the way through the question, “How can a body withstand this?” and then my path diverged from the poem’s, with the poem choosing a love that I cannot even imagine right now, cannot even fathom. Indeed, if I am being honest, sometimes, if I had life like a face in my hands, I think I might crush it. Still, “The Thing Is,” beautiful.

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