So, why At The Bottom Of Everything?

At The Bottom Of Everything is a weekly letter about what it’s like for me. After my partner and husband died on August 15, 2020, I found myself Googling ‘where are all the young widows?’ and also ‘bridges near me’ but due to a paucity of both in the search results, I decided to appear here instead.

I’m Amy, a widow, educator, and writer located in Canada. A few might know me as @literaryrunner on Instagram, where I write very long, run-on captions about the books I read and (sometimes) the effort of moving more quickly.

At The Bottom Of Everything can’t promise you linearity, or a constant story, or even likability. I might get it all wrong, I know, but I want to write some of it down anyway.

I would rather try and stumble than risk losing it to oblivion. By it I mainly mean the (re)collection of the years spent with my sweet man, who, when he smiled, revealed not only that the tips of his two front teeth were slightly whiter than the rest, but also an uncommon capacity for delight. And, by it I also mean my first year of widowhood, the unbearable weight of his absence, my sadness.

At The Bottom Of Everything will land in your inbox on Sundays and always, thank you for reading.

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